Celebrating 28 Years of Premier Performing Arts

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Supporting the Arts

The Flagler Auditorium opened in 1991. Twenty-seven seasons have gone by…if you think about all of the community members and children that have been entertained here then you will realize that is actually a lifetime. We have exciting shows coming to the Flagler auditorium and they are of the highest quality.
We have this place because you bought a ticket to a show. 

Students in Flagler County receive a theatre experience that is unbelievable. Sure, other school auditoriums have a stage but most do not have professional quality, light, and sound that professional performers experience. We have that because you bought a ticket to a show. 

Performers come here from around the world and they are always amazed at the stage and the facility, but they are especially impressed with our hometown friendly volunteers and our talented students that work backstage. We have that because you bought a ticket to a show

Our students take dance, chorus, band, drama, technical stagecraft and audio production. We have a large cast of fine arts students in our schools and the Flagler Auditorium gives them a place to perform. Our students learn skills not just in the performing arts but students here often run the lights, the sound and the box office.
We have that because you bought a ticket to a show.

We have been so successful that sometimes we take it for granted.  You see most of our high school children in Flagler County have never performed in a gym or a cafeteria.  They have grown up thinking that everyone has a stage like this. We have that because you bought a ticket to a show.

What we do here is life changing.  The excitement of a first solo, a first musical, or winning a ribbon for painting that first picture.  If you were part of the arts growing up, you remember the feeling of excitement that comes with performing.  We have that because you bought a ticket to a show.

Students learn so much more than music, art, dance or drama, they learn to work together for a purpose, they learn skills for life or they use the arts to create a career or a create a life passion. Some of the students who started on this stage even made into a career.  That happened because you bought a ticket to the show.

When you buy a ticket to see a show, you become a hero for arts education in Flagler county schools.  You also give us a place to gather as a community so that it will be here for our future and our children’s future. 

Last year, Flagler Auditorium raised over 22,000 to give scholarships to our students and provide grants for teachers for special projects.  Join us in supporting the Arts.