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Six appeal

Vocal Band

Feb. 28, 2022 - 7:00pm

Six Appeal has been described as a vocal ensemble, a comedy group and a rock band, all in one complete show.  Forgoing instruments, this dynamic acapella group based across the country uses only their voices to perform decades of music from classic oldies to current chart toppers.  With voca dexterity and adventurous songs selection, the groups explores all genres with a wide-reaching repertoire that will surprise and captivate audiences regardless of the setting. 

Even though the group’s name is a play on words and a simple accounting of its members, the name Six Appeal also speaks to the charm and attractions that these 6 voices create when they come together to produce their electrifying performance.  A Six Appeal show will split your sides, feed your musical sweet tooth, and leave you wondering how in the world they pulled it off with only their voices! 

With members formally instructed in singing and musical composition, Six Appeal utilizes a diverse arsenal of style and entertainment.  In addition, they have a passion for spreading their acappella music to every audience, and an essential facet of their mission is to empower young singers in their educational outreach program. 

Over the last decade and a half, performing through all 50 states and over 15 different countries, Six Appeal has sung alongside other renowned performers such as Andy Grammer, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, thundercat and Harry Shearer.  For 3 years running they have been the featured performers of the Vanity Fair Oscars Party, dancing and singing for Hollywood’s most prestigious annual event.  

Six Appeal has a passion for sharing their love of a capella music with every audience. They started an educational outreach program to empower young singers.  They will perform with our chorus! Come support groups like this so we can continue our mission! 

UNbelievable Harmonies!

Six Appeal Vocal Band is acapella like you have never heard before! 

Click the video to see more of Six appeal in action

Six Appeal