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2020 Winners

Past Winners

Peter Fitton,
Andrea Figel,
Daniel Useman

Padriac Connelly,
Vanessa Hicks,
Kathleen Ahern,
Jessica Bronson

Amanda Brown,
Brent Hunsinger,
Juliet Stevens

Daniel Bixby,
Kahlin Kelly,
Ryan Maloney,
Jenna Phippins

Katlin Elliott,
Matt LaChance,
Kristen Myrick,
Alica Stagner

Jenna Feci,
Jessica Larmore,
Nancy Lopez,
Michelle Malfa

Scott Bothelo,
Jana Prather

Karen Heart,
Nathan Smith,
Ashley Walker

Greg Banks,
Claude Timothy,
Candice Lambert,
Heather Lehman,
David Pandich

Lauren Albert,
Thomas DeCeglie,
Ana Devine,
Taylor Phillips,
Shanna Greer

Jill Vanderoef,
James Lowe,
Ashley Delbrugge,
Alana Reed,
Sharon Gould

Emily Feinberg,
Marissa Maxcy,
Chris Sidor,
Alyson Bonner,
Kaitlin Quinn

Marshaun Hymon,
Bryan Sellers,
Catherine Nahirny,
Kassy Eugene,
Kristen Russell,
Vincent Mingils,
Caroline Zendt

Kaley Marshall,
Russell Tanenbaum,
Ariel Llanes,
Phillip Upshaw,
Anthony Powel

Brittanie Hamilton,
Jeffrey McDevitt,
Sierra Parks,
Michael Nahimy,
Adam Lehman,
Caitlin Hannan,
Jason Cazella

Ian Hartley,
Emily Harezlak,
Molly Grosso,
Brandon Rodriguez,
Carlton Mwalili,
Tera Cieri,
Angelina Pearson,
Diego Ventura Castro,
Kelly Kryspin,
Nicholas O’Connor,
Leana Gardella

Madison Gibbs,
Jessica Insua,
Jason Correia,
Joshua Sanfilippo,
Stefany Farsiyants,
Windsor Mills,
Agata Sokolska,
Nina Eustaquio

Brian Davidson,
Elyse Frezza,
Adam Pryor,
Sierrah James,
Macie Thorhill

Caitlin Burns-Eriser,
Noah Reed,
Zachary Gasparini,
James Stup,
Kristophere McCall

Sergio Gratacos,
Christina Goodin,
Amanda Hok,
Max Wolf,
Sokret Pond,
Bayley Steinwehr,
Erin Verdi

Heather Klayman,
Victor Kostyuk,
Elizabeth Kirkconnell,
Catherine DiRosa,
Kathleen Wells,
Rachel Atkins,
Matthew Oliveira

Trey DeLeon,
Benjamin Ward,
Kent Tran

Nicole Barnes,
Sarah Main,
Annette Kostyuk,
Taylor Kwasneski,
Saxon Swantic,
Evan Hernandez,
Alaina Behler,
Reiko Serrato

Isabella Scarcella,
Hannah Hick,
Seth Lee,
Jaynisi Guzman-Davila,
Madison Mead,
Marielena Dirosa,
Nicole Eldredge,
Dalton Rice

Hear from Some of Our Students!

“My favorite memory of High School in the Arts has to be my junior year when I was cast in a leading role in Les Miserables! It opened my eyes to everything that performing could offer me. That show became my inspiration for pursuing Musical Theatre in college!”

-Isabella will be attending Reinhardt University in the fall.

“My favorite memory regarding the Arts in high school was being able to build so many lasting memories and friendships with people. I enjoyed being able to experience so many wonderful and new opportunities with so many great people. I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to do any of the things that I love and now go on to pursue a career in the arts had it not been for participating in them while in high school.”

-Hannah will be attending Lynn University in the fall.

“I have been involved in the Auditorium for 4 years. From my first day, I knew this would be my career! I am excited to be attending Savannah College of Art and Design to further my education in Stage Production!”

-Dalton Rice 

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