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Fine Arts

The Flagler Auditorium Governing Board is a strong supporter of Arts Education in Flagler County schools. We are a teaching theatre with many performing arts opportunities for students. Flagler county students share the stage with entertainment from all around the world and the community.
Here are some of the classes and offerings that make our community strong in the arts.


The dance programs strive to train students to be successful and creative emerging artists based on their individual needs and talents in the Flagler County Community and beyond. We aim to cultivate respect through recognizing diversity and individuality in a collaborative setting. This includes a love of movement, understanding of shape and form, and discipline of professionalism that promotes citizenship and fosters an appreciation of the arts.

Middle School Dance Courses         Ann Paris at Buddy Taylor Middle School
Introduction to Dance
Dance Level 1
Dance Level 2

High School Dance Courses             Noel Bethea at MHS
                                                             Janice Monsanto at FPCHS       
Dance Technique 1
Dance Technique 2
Dance Technique 3 – Honors
Dance Repertory 1
Dance Repertory 2
Dance Repertory 3 – Honors

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Oh the Drama! -resize



“We aim to develop the students academically, artistically and socially.  It is our hope
that they will leave the school as independent, cooperative, responsible and creative
young adults.  Students will develop a lifelong interest in the arts. We believe that these
skills and qualities will prepare our students to pursue further educational goals and
allow them to contribute to the life and wellbeing of society as a whole. Our program
graduates students who use the skills learned in theatre to pursue further studies in
higher institutions of learning.”

 Instructors:   Noel Bethea. Matanzas High School   Jack Neiberlein and Kelly Rivera, Flagler Palm Coast High School. Ann Paris. BTMS Middle School.


  • Digital Audio Production (Technical Theatre)
  • Acting
  • Musical Theatre

The Drama Department prepares students to compete both at the district and state levels in Acting, Musical Theatre, and Technical Theatre. We produce three fully staged productions per year.  Our actors and technicians have the opportunity to work with state of the art equipment as well as professionals in the industry.


Mission Statement: Flagler Schools provides quality music education for all as an essential component in the development of the whole person through the creation and expansion of positive life-changing experiences for students and the community. 



  • General
  • Music Technology
  • Performing


  • Beginning Band
  • Beginning Chorus
  • Advanced Band
  • Advanced Chorus
  • Jazz Band
  • Musical Theater
  • Percussion

High School

  • Concert Band
  • Marching Band
  • Jazz Band
  • AP Music Theory
  • Instrumental Techniques
  • Eurythmics Keyboard
  • Guitar Steel Drums
  • Percussion
  • Chorus
  • Advanced Chorus


  • Belle Terre Elementary – Lynelle Clark & Bruce Scott 
  • Bunnell Elementary – Alicia Stagner
  • Old Kings ElementaryDr. Rodney Harshbarger 
  • Rymfire Elementary – Michelle Seth
  • Wadsworth Elementary – Sandra Rush



  • Band – Susan Morden
  • Chorus– Ann Paris
  • Indian Trails Band – David Morden 



  • Band – John Seth & Ryan Schulz
  • Chorus/Guitar – Ester Jackson Matanzas
  • Band – Adam McIntyre
  • Chorus/Keyboard (Piano) – Jens Oliva
  • Percussion/Steel Drums – Jared Allen


Executive Director – Cheryl Tristam
See more at:   https://flagleryouthorchestra.org/


Flagler Public Schools Visual Arts Statement

We are passionate about inspiring the minds of our students with art experiences that ignite their potential to think critically and problem solve. We believe that creativity and innovative thinking are essential life skills that are taught through the creative process. Within the visual arts, students learn to work both independently and collaboratively. We strive to create life long learners and advocates of the arts. 


Visual Art K-6

  • Mrs. Orcozo – Rymfire Elementary
  • Amy Wagner – Bunnell Elementary
  • Ambur Carter – Old Kings Elementary
  • Lizzy Campanella – Wadsworth Elementary
  • Jill Espinosa – Belle Terre Elementary



  • Erin Weed – Buddy Taylor Middle School

  Art 2D-1

  • Drawing I- High school credit
  • Laura Shanley – Indian Trails Middle School
  •  Drawing 1- High school credit, 3D Art, Digital Art


Amy Taylor – Matanzas High School

  •   Drawing 2
  •   Painting 1, 2
  •   Sculpture 1
  •   AP 2D

Deirdre Rutledge – Matanzas High School

  •   Ceramics
  •   Drawing 1 

Amanda Maron – Matanzas High School 

  •  Digital Design 1, 2, and 3

Edson Beckett – FPC

  • AP Visual Art
  • Digital Design 1 and 2

Angela Biggs – FPC

  • Commercial Photography Technology 1 
  • Drawing 1
  • Portfolio Development 2-D design Honors 

Chelsea Schlaffer – FPC

  • Drawing 1
  • Portfolio 1 (drawing and painting) and
  • Portfolio 2 (drawing and painting)
  • IB Visual Art