Celebrating 30 Years of Premier Performing Arts

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a letter from superintendent

Cathy Mittelstadt

Welcome to the Flagler Auditorium.

Flagler Schools has had a long partnership with the Auditorium and we are thrilled to be able to continue this strong working relationship. The Flagler Auditorium gives our district the opportunity to provide innovative and diverse education in fine arts.

This state of the art facility gives our students a unique forum in which to perform, as well as learn how an entertainment venue operates. We have graduates from Flagler Schools across the country who began their careers on this stage or working behind the scenes. We also applaud the Flagler Auditorium Governing Board for their support each year in providing a number of scholarships to graduating seniors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused challenges for many facets of life, including arts and entertainment.  The Auditorium staff, under the leadership of Ms. Fulmer,  have ensured that all precautions necessary are taken to allow our guests to enjoy their recently renovated venue while staying safe.   The Flagler Auditorium’s once packed schedule of shows has been drastically affected, which is why your support is more important than ever.

The Arts are vital to maintaining a thriving community, and Flagler Schools is proud to partner with Flagler Auditorium and the Governing Board in providing such a wonderful facility.

We would also like to thank the patrons, sponsors, volunteers, and community for supporting the Flagler Auditorium through the years, watching the various expansion and renovation projects which make this facility one of the best in the region. You are ensuring the arts remain an integral part of the lives of our students.

Working Together – 


Cathy Mittelstadt