Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center

Join us in bringing inspirational, educational, and cultural experiences to Flagler County.


Performance sponsors enjoy VIP access to events presented by the Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center and show tickets. Sponsorship packages may include meet-and-greets with artists,  pre-event receptions, and special year-round ticket deals for employees.

Marketing and Advertising Benefits

From inclusion in our show advertisements, recognition on our website and publications, donor rosters, and our lighted marquee, we can make thousands of people aware of your partnership and community engagement.


In addition to the return on investment provided by event sponsorship, companies demonstrate corporate responsibility to a beloved non-profit organization that has enriched the lives of community members for over 30 years. The Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center makes Flagler County a better place to live. Our children are raised with opportunities in the arts. As a partner, you play an essential role in our success.

Bring Your Business Center Stage

Help us bring the stars of today, while giving our children experiences in the arts, creating a brighter tomorrow.

By partnering with the Flagler Auditorium Dennis Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center, you can demonstrate your commitment to community involvement, the arts and the quality of life in Flagler County. Production sponsorship range from $2000 to $5000 level! We offer attractive benefit packages while increasing brand visibility for your company.

Sponsorship allow us to continue to make our venue an attractive cultural destination for our area and keep our prices affordable
We recognize our corporate sponsors by including them in our show bill, showcasing your business on our Marquee and presenting your sponsorship on a gobo in the lobby or near the stage, all dependent on your level of sponsorship.

Our Corporate sponsors enjoy a variety of benefits; priority ticketing, access to special events, early entry to the theater and the ability to host events and meetings in our venue for clients and employees before or after a show.

Call or email the director, Amelia Fulmer for more information on becoming a corporate sponsor., 396-437-7547 ext. 3152

Show Sponsors