Chris Pryor

In 1994, Mary Beale asked if I might be interested in participating in our fall school musical with some of her students. She was looking for an adult to play Daddy Warbucks. I had never dreamed of doing anything like that and reluctantly agreed to try. Under Ms. Beale’s direction, I learned a lot about the theatre, but I learned a lot more about myself. Mary helped me gain confidence in myself as a person and introduced me to the fascinating world of theatre. Since that time Mary trusted me to play Good Sam in Western Star, Charlemagne in Pippin and the voice of Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors. I am grateful to Mary for having the courage to ask a teacher to work on stage with students, some who have gone on to be successful in the Arts.

As a school principal I do my very best to protect the arts from budget cuts. My own children were in band, chorus and drama and their still carry with them the lessons they learned from the time they spent with their teachers. Adults like Alana Fitzgerald have cared enough about the children of our community to take time out of their own lives to pass along the magic and majesty of the Arts. We test reading, writing, math and science because that’s what the state says is most important. But some of us know what is really important, music and art. Congratulations to the Flagler Auditorium on its 20th anniversary!